Student Range

Individually hand-matched, straightened, polished and finished bamboo handles, with a top-quality hard wax oil finish, designed to balance well in your hand.

Covering basic head-types required by timpani students, from a beechwood head, a baize-covered head and varying thicknesses and sizes of felt-covered heads.  Top quality timpani felt is used, so the sound quality is not compromised.  Felt and baize-covered sticks come with option to request a cork centre instead of wood, to help players using calf skin, fibreglass bowl or hand tuned Timpani, where the lighter weight is often preferable.


Please get in touch if you’re not sure which type of head will best suit your requirements, or see the blog.


All sticks are hand made to order and orders typically take 10 - 14 days to be completed. Please get in touch should you need your order urgently.





    Covered in a double layer of hard baize felt, this stick is still very hard, but makes less contact-noise than the BP1, with slightly less attack.  It is centred on a wood or cork wheel, and measures 28.5mm across. Lightweight bamboo handles complete this stick. Excellent for much of the brass band repertoire.


    A solid wooden ball head, with no felt, for aggressive playing.  Ideally suited to Baroque or early Classical pieces, and matched with a lightweight handle to for better balance.  For a similarly hard stick with less contact noise, see the BP2/BP2C, B6 and B7. Only 25mm across.


    A very precise, light stick, with a hard head comprising a single layer of soft felt around a wood or cork wheel.  30mm across, with a lightweight bamboo handle for great ease of movement. Ideal for Baroque and early Classical music.





    A slightly heavier stick, with a wood or cork ball centre, giving a moderate amount of attack.  This stick has a lovely warm tone, with a double layer of soft felt.  Comes with hand-finished and balanced bamboo handles.  40mm across.  As close to an all-round stick as is possible!


    This stick is quite light, with a hard, precise sound. Measuring 38mm across, a double layer of soft felt covers a wood or cork head.  With a hand-finished bamboo handle for the right springiness. Ideal for Baroque and early Classical music, and when precision is needed over a wide range of dynamics.


    This stick is superb for rolls, with a double head of soft felt and a is a generous 43mm across.  It has a wood or cork ball centre, and a lovely soft tone.  As with all our products, the handles are matched and balanced bamboo. Great for warm sounds in a wide range of dynamics.



    The largest stick in the student range, with a heavy 46mm head.  A double layer of soft felt covers a wood or cork ball centre, and the hand-finished bamboo. Although very soft, it can produce a powerful tone.

Photography by Jono Hurst